“ARKHEOS offers a complete set of enterprise archiving solutions that unify and mutualize mail and file systems, as well as Microsoft SQL Server applications on a single platform. The company also provides audit, consulting, integration and training services.

ARKHEOS’ open source products include the SAARK Electronic Archive System, the ARKMAN archive management system and the ARKMIG archive migration solution. SAARK enables companies to archive enterprise content management and enterprise resource management systems, as well as proprietary messaging from Microsoft Exchange and open source platforms. In addition, the solution enables customer to archive collaborative web tools, such as Microsoft SharePoint, and relational databases, such as Microsoft SQL Server. Users can access archives on demand and can run enterprise archive policies and Sarbanes – Oxley Act archives simultaneously.

Using the ARKHEOS’ ARKMAN system, enterprises can simplify record management by carrying out hierarchical storage archive migrations, storage and archive format migrations. The solution also offers storage and archive format migration and e -Discovery functionality to offer a complete analysis tool. The archives are stored according to ISO and NF standards.

Customers can implement ARKMIG to migrate archives between different archiving solutions, back into applications like Microsoft Exchange, or into a SAARK archive system.”